9 Tips to Help You Move with Children

The decision has been made and it’s final: you’re moving. Not only are you moving, but you’re moving with your children. You will be balancing honoring the old home while welcoming the new house. These nine steps will help make the transition of the move as smooth as possible for the whole family.  tongues-1031219_640

Preparations before the move:

  • Family Meeting Time

One of the best ways to prep your children for a big move is to have a family discussion. Let them know why you are moving and that you are there to answer any questions they may have.

  • Purge Before You Pack

There is no time like the present to cut the clutter. You and the kids can go through your belongings and throw out old toys and worn or outgrown clothes. Not everything has to be tossed. There are items that you may not need any more that you can sell.

  • Have a Moving Sale

Once you have combed through every room, you might have a pile of fun stuff to sell at a moving sell. The kids can help with the organizing, inventorying and pricing. You can even take a family vote to decide how to spend the proceeds.

  • Check out the new Place with the Kids

Involve the children with scoping out the new house, neighborhood, community and town. Learning as much as possible before hand will help smooth the transition and get them excited for school, community and other social events and activities.

  • Get Them Excited

You can do this by first making sure that everyone has a job in the move whether it be helping pack, load, unload or unpack. Next have them make room plans. Start with their rooms and if their interested you can move on to shared spaces in the house.

  • Take Them for a Visit (if you’re not moving too far away)

Actually visiting and seeing the new place will get them even more pumped up. Plan to spend an afternoon touring the new neighborhood and doing a walk-through of the new house. You can visit the local public library and your kid’s new schools as well.

During the move:

  • Spread the move out over a few days

Moving everything in the house in one day makes for an exhausted and grumpy family. We suggest getting into your new house a few days early and moving room by room. This helps with the transition and avoids the need to navigate through a sea of boxes.

  • Enlist multiple babysitters, family and friends for help

Having help both during and after the move will be a life saver. Schedule play dates and other outings so that you can move fast as lightning while the kids are out. It’s always nice to have extra hands (and muscles) helping with the moving portion itself.

  • Have a See You Soon Party

For the kids, one of the most difficult parts about moving is saying good bye to the friends they have made. Throwing a “See You Soon” party lessens the anxiety by focusing less on saying goodbye and more on seeing your friends again. Make sure everyone exchanges contact information and lots of photos are taken during the party.

3 Important Things To Remember When Moving Into Your New Home

picture-763262_640This is an exciting time! You’ve bought your dream home and are ready to move into your new home. However, in the excitement of the moment, it’s easy to get wrap up in the decor, binge watch your favorite home improvement show, go crazy on Pinterest, and fill every corner of your new home with your personal items.

Before you get too eager about furnishing your home, here are 3 mistakes many new homeowners make.

  1. Buying everything at once. In the excitement of the moment and your eagerness to get your home decorated, it can be easy to go out and buy all sorts of furniture for your home. This can lead you to wasting a lot of money and leave you with little space.

Instead, grab a pen and paper and map out the room. Decide which items you’d like in what rooms, take measurements to know which pieces will fit in the room, and explore the possibilities of what you can do in each room to make them comfortable and unique to your style.

  1. Cramming rooms with so much stuff. When you go into decorating your home with no plan, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and cram too much stuff into the space. Use this time to strategize and place the pieces in a way that creates an openness which is both inviting and cozy.

This is also the perfect moment for throwing out pieces that you longer love or fit within your home. Choose fun pieces of furniture that fit into the room and match your style.

  1. Trusting your eye over a tape measure. Measuring your space in important to ensure each item fits perfectly in your home. Too many times people run into the mistake of not properly measuring their space and end up with items that are either too big or too small for the space.

While taking some time to measure the space and furniture, remember to also measure the doorways. When bringing furniture in and out of your home, many times the doorways are forgotten and people run into problems getting their furniture to fit through.

Do you have some tips for staging a room? Have something to share about your last move into your home? Share your insights with us in the comments or on Facebook.

The Richest and Best Cities to Live In Utah

When it comes to buying a home, location can be a huge factor. You not only want to find an area near your job, great schools, and the right price. You also want to consider which area best fits your lifestyle, the culture of the area, and other things. While you weigh the various factors, here are some fun and informative facts about Utah. house-753270_640

The 5 Richest Cities in Utah

  1. Granite
  2. Summit Park
  3. South Snyderville Basin
  4. Olympus Cove
  5. Alta

The 5 Best Cities in Utah

  1. Holladay
  2. Washington City
  3. Centerville (tie)
  4. Syracuse (tie)
  5. Bountiful
  6. North Salt Lake

As you explore the various areas in Utah you’d like to live. remember to choose a place that will make you happy. There are so many excellent places in Utah—some that aren’t even on the list—that make a great place to live.

Whether you want to live in one of the richest cities in Utah or are curious about which cities are the best, we will help you find your dream home.

Preparing to Move Out of Your Parents Home

suitcase-468445_640When moving out of your parents home, millennials seem to need a little more help. According to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau data showed that young adults, those between the ages of 18 to 34, opted to live in their family homes, at least temporarily.

For the millennials ready to make the move and leave the nest, here are a 2 suggestions:

Play pretend. Before moving out, experts recommend building good habits of bill paying. If your parents are kind enough to let you live in the home rent free, or giving you a hefty discount, you can create a pretend budget to give you an idea of what you’ll be spending on rent, groceries, transportation, etc. By taking the time to do this, you will build a safety net for any emergencies.

Set a deadline. Once you’ve made the decision to move out, make it official by setting a deadline and letting your family know. As your countdown goes down, start scouting for a home or apartment a few months in advance to know which areas you can best afford.

Cleaning Out Your Home

Image found at blog.livelovely.com

Recently I’ve been getting ready to move into a new home and as I’ve started my packing, it surprises me how much stuff I’ve acquired and I find myself asking, where did all this junk come from?

Have you ever felt that way? All that clutter can be overwhelming, but don’t let it bog you down. Take a moment to get that clutter under control with these simple tips, knowing every little bit you get out of your home, the closer you are of finding peace.

Donation day. A friend introduced this idea to me and ever since then, I am a HUGE fan. Pick a day once a month, maybe twice, where you make it a day you take a box of stuff to a local charity. This is a time you clean out that closet, desk, or whatever area in your home you want to focus on. Go through it and take out what you are longer using and give it away.

Inventory. Right now with back-to-school coming up, it is easy to go a little crazy buying those 50 notebooks you don’t need (yes, I have a bad habit of doing this) and cramming them in your home. Instead of buying what you don’t need, go through and make a list of what you have, what you need, and what you can reuse.

Yard sale. Another fun way of getting rid of some stuff and making a little extra money is to hold a yard sale. Check out these useful tips to make sure you have a successful yard sale.

What are some of your strategies for decluttering your home? What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts and suggestions with us.