Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Summer

The summer is almost here and that means things are going to get hot. Make sure you are ready for those sizzling months by taking the time to check your air conditioner to ensure everything is working now.

When preparing your AC for the summer, the first thing you will want to do is change the filter. These are found by the blower unit and should be changed around every 3 months (especially is you have one that reduces allergens, as they tend to clog more quickly).

Check the condensate-removal system to verify everything is working properly. Because condensation will occur as the warm air passes through the cooling coil it is important to make sure the water is evaporating and not overflowing.

Clear the debris from your machine (at least 2 feet around) to keep your machine from sucking in unwanted items which will prevent your AC from working properly.

The next thing you will want to do is check the ductwork around your home and the registers in your home. Inspect for mold and if you find some, it is worth your time to call in a professional.

What are some of your tips for getting your air conditioner ready?